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Lemon Fluff

Lemon Fluff

For over 50 years, the Lemon Fluff cake has been a Wolf’s Bakery tradition.  Ask anyone on the south side about Wolf’s Bakery, and the first word out of their mouth is “Lemon Fluff.”  Don’t be fooled by imitations– Wolf’s is the benchmark, home of the original, and baked with the finest ingredients.

In-Store Lemon Fluff Cakes come in a wide variety, depending on availability and season.  Generally you can find a 7″ Lemon Fluff Dessert Cake, an 8″ Lemon Fluff Decorated Cake, and an 8″ Lemon Fluff Cake waiting for you in the store.  For larger or more specific orders, please call us at (708) 422-7429.