In-Store Cakes

Ordering ahead, by calling (708) 422-7429,  is the best way to fully customize your cake.   However, Wolf’s Bakery has a wide variety of ready-made cakes waiting in the store.  While we can’t guarantee every cake on this list will be in stock when you walk in, this list will give you a good idea of the delicious In-Store Cakes you can generally find waiting for you at Wolf’s Bakery.

Dessert Cakes

Our Dessert Cakes are the perfect size for small gatherings, and the perfect size to keep in the fridge for an after dinner treat.  Dessert Cakes are typically 7″ or 8″, smaller than most Ordered Decorated Cakes.   A 7″ cake will serve 6 to 8.  An 8″ cake will serve 8 to 10.  As a rule, we cannot write on or decorate Dessert Cakes.

In-Store Decorated Cakes

In-Store Decorated Cakes are great for birthdays or any time that you need a personalized cake, and need it quickly.  These cakes are left with an empty field where we will write “Happy Birthday” and a name, or other short personalized phrases.  These cakes are typically 8″, and will serve 8 to 10.  We generally feature 5 varieties of In-Store Decorated Cakes:

Ring Cakes