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Wolfing Down the Treats

Southtown Star
April 29, 2009

For 70 years, Wolf’s Bakery has been satisfying the sweet teeth of customers in Evergreen Park and beyond.

Peggy Jones and Dana Campbell often drive from Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood to buy cakes, doughnuts and other treats at the bakery, 3241 W. 95th St.

They were there shopping on a recent weekday afternoon for sweets for Campbell’s choir practice that night.

“It’s good, and it smells great,”Jones said of the bakery.

On Campbell’s birthday last year, the family enjoyed two cakes.

“We scarfed one down and came back for another. What are you going to do? You’ve gotta have it,” Jones said, laughing.

“This is like the old-fashioned bakery. You walk in and, mmm, then there’s that smell,” she said.